Nyx Hemera Technologies develops and provides lighting control systems for roads and tunnels. The company’s flagship solution is the Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS).
While officially founded in 2008, Nyx Hemera Technologies’ employees have a long-running expertise in power line communication; the company’s core technology within its flagship solution, the TLACS, provides levels of reliability, stability, and efficiency that are second-to-none.
With a seasoned and dynamic team spearheading its growth, Nyx Hemera Technologies relentlessly looks for new solutions that will improve the company’s core technology and solutions as well as tunnel operators’ service and operations.
At Nyx Hemera Technologies, we have the best available system because we hire the best resources. It  is as simple as that! If you think you are part of the elite in your field, we would like to hear from you. Send your resume at:

DESCRIPTION :       Membre de l’équipe de développement de produits,  vous assurez une variété de taches reliées aux commandes et à la coordination de la production des produits de Nyx Hemera Technologies. Vous serez garant du bon fonctionnement de l’atelier en veillant à l’approvisionnement, la gestion des stocks, le suivit des commandes…

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