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Nyx Hemera Technologies integrates the management of all tunnel sub-systems on the platform SCADA

To meet the needs of road tunnel operators, Nyx integrates all tunnel subsystems on its SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) platform, significantly transforming operations management.

What’s integrated?

Thanks to its flexibility and scalability, there is almost no limit to the number or type of subsystems that can be integrated and managed by SCADA from TLACS. What’s more, TLACS SCADA can also interface with other intelligent transport systems that could influence the tunnel, either in Client or Server (Slave/Master) mode.

The main subsystems listed here can be managed by SCADA, but any other subsystem can also be integrated:

  • Power distribution supervision
  • Sensors for traffic monitoring
  • Ventilation system
  • Air quality system
  • Various tunnel utilities
  • Fire detection system
  • Communication system
  • User safety
  • Closed-circuit television system
  • Etc.


Several customers have expressed the benefits of an integrated control:

  • Data centralization: All operational data is collected, analyzed and presented clearly and concisely on a single platform. This makes it possible to centralize the monitoring and control of all equipment, whether it is spread over multiple locations or concentrated in a single facility.
  • Real-time monitoring: The ability to monitor every aspect of subsystems in real time is crucial to informed decision-making. The SCADA system can immediately detect potential problems, identify trends and anticipate maintenance requirements, thus considerably reducing unplanned intervention time, line closures , etc.
  • Improved operational efficiency: By automating control processes and optimizing resource utilization, the SCADA system helps maximize operational efficiency. This translates into long-term cost savings and better use of available resources.
  • Enhanced security: The security of systems installed in infrastructures is a growing concern. With a well-designed SCADA system, security is enhanced by simplifying advanced security protocols.
  • Scalability and flexibility: Whether you need to change operations or add equipment to the tunnel, SCADA is designed to evolve with your needs.

What we deliver
The integration work includes:

  • Provision of a redundant SCADA system based on a programmable logic controller (PLC).
  • Use of an open network protocol, enabling different network devices to communicate with PLCs.
  • Communication with PLCs.
  • Each Remote Input/Output (RIO) cabinet is designed to accommodate the number of points required for :
    o Digital inputs (DI).
    o Digital outputs (DO).
    o Analog inputs (AI).
    o Analog outputs (AO).
    o Relay inputs (RI).
    o Relay outputs (RO).
    o Other modules as required.
  •  Remote Input/Output (RIO) testing and commissioning.


In summary, the integration of Nyx Hemera Technologies’ TLACS SCADA offers a complete and flexible solution for the efficient management of road tunnels. By centralizing monitoring, enabling real-time responsiveness and enhancing safety, the TLACS SCADA not only improves operational efficiency but also enables proactive management of critical infrastructures. With a capacity for continuous evolution and compatibility with a wide range of equipment, the Nyx Hemera Technologies team is ready to meet operators’ current and future needs for safer, more efficient tunnels.