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New Achievement: The Addison Airport Tunnel, TX

We are glad to announce the commissioning of the Addison Airport Tunnel in Texas by our experts this week.

The Addison Airport Tunnel is an east-west roadway between the Dallas North Tollway and I-35E under the Addison Airport runway. It is a two-lane tunnel, approximately 1,600 feet long, with a total pavement length of 3,700 feet. The tunnel was opened to traffic in 1999 and serves 10 000 automobiles every day.

The tunnel TLACS Intelligent Lighting Control System, equipped with 2 LCAMs (photometers) that read the ambient light level at each tunnel entrance, will help to determine the recommended lighting level (IES-RP-08) for the tunnel throughout the day. It’s worth mentioning that the TLACS solution includes a dedicated SCADA interface for control and supervision of the lighting system.

After commissioning, our experts will carry out a photometric survey to ensure that the lighting complies with the norms ANSI LM-71-14 or RP-8-22.



  • TLACS (Nyx Intelligent Lighting Control System)


  • 300 LED luminaires
  • 2 LCAM photometers


The new TLACS Intelligent Control System in the Addison Tunnel