Become an agent

Why it pays to be Nyx Hemera Technologies’ agent ?

You are looking for a competitive advantage and a manufacturer who truly values agent relationships? Have you been searching for a solution to better answer your customers’ needs and challenges?

Nyx Hemera Technologies is committed to the ongoing success and growth of our worldwide agent network. Our program is open to any business organization or individual involved in road/tunnel electrical and mechanical maintenance or road/tunnel lighting.

Agent benefits

  • Gain a competitive advantage over your competitors
  • Extend your range of products/services with a complementary solution to your offering
  • Affiliate yourself with a well-respected system developer and manufacturer that has solidly researched products that meet the highest standards of validity and reliability
  • Gain access to qualified training and technical support
  • Benefit from a potentially lucrative commission structure
  • Access the knowledge of our experienced research and development team and dedicated agent support professionals
  • Receive co-operative sales and marketing funding
  • Strengthen consumer loyalty by offering additional control system convenience with new services
  • Get Nyx Hemera training for you and your employees
  •  Launch this solution within your market effortlessly: no inventory to buy!

Please contact us for more information about becoming one of our valued agents at .