Several manufacturers offer control systems; however, their development efforts are mainly concentrated on better lights rather than their control. Nyx Hemera Technologies’ specialty is in power line control: we concentrate on optimizing light management and ensuring that our system adapts to any lighting system from any manufacturer.

An intelligent, cost-effective, and efficient control system will allow light manufacturers to broaden their retail offering as well as better position themselves against other technologies in an ever-increasingly competitive market.

Nyx Hemera Technologies provides a modular system that enables an adapted integration of each component for optimal use of the entire control system—no matter the length or configuration of the tunnel or road.

Whether it is for the refurbishing of an existing tunnel or the development of a new infrastructure, the TLACS will offer the same operational performance and easy installation.

The TLACS’s components in a tunnel or on the road are sealed in a protective, high-quality coating that increases their use life, while respecting industrial-grade temperature standards (-40°C to + 60°C). They can therefore adapt to any environment.

The TLACS is available in the following configurations:

  • 120-240 or 200-350 VAC
  • 1 or  2 channels
  • Up to 4 amps per channel

The TLACS supports different types of lamps/loads:

  • HPS
  • LED
  • Fluorescents

The system offers the following controls:

  • Relay
  • 0-10vdc
  • DALI