Installation cost reduction

The electrical design can be improved using the NYX’ TLACS-EM solution; it can considerably reduce the wiring needed to control the lighting system.

The elementary pattern for installation of a tunnel lighting system can be defined as: cable and flexible conduit to luminaire, junction box, and conduit and cable to the electrical distribution panel board.

In new tunnels, the TLACS-EM version can either be installed using power line technology or a dedicated wire that travels from the junction box, in line from one luminaire to the other. This greatly reduces the length of necessary cabling and conduits for the control system.

In existing tunnels, the TLACS-EM will use power line communication technology on existing cables to communicate, control, and monitor the luminaires, avoiding the installation of additional cables.

In both new and existing tunnels, the LPC installed in the luminaires will act as a repeater for optimal communications.

An installation in Asia has shown a cable reduction of 25% using dedicated wires.