Efficient operations

The main issues for tunnel operators are: traffic management (volume, jams, the wide variety of vehicles, etc.), the complexity of systems maintenance and structures, and the difficulty to shut down lanes.  More efficient operations will bring major savings in time and money related to maintenance staff, lines and/or tunnel closings, and other tunnel management costs related to operations and maintenance.

The TLACS helps operators simplify their operations with a flexible and intelligent system that will adapt to any road or tunnel lighting system.

Moreover, thanks to the individual light addressing feature, the TLACS will enable:

  • Light scenarios according to the time of day and the light’s location
  • Preventive maintenance in which an alarm is triggered by lights reaching the end of their useful life
  • Custom alarms according to the ratio of acceptable amounts of defective lights versus the road configuration
  • Easy-to-use installation tool (the TLACS Field Test Tool) that facilitates and accelerates installation times.

Moreover, the system of repeaters, which considerably increases the application’s reliability, significantly reduces the number of interventions.

The end result: the TLACS helps to limit lane shutdown times for better traffic dispatching and reduces operational costs.

The TLACS offers a viable solution that leverages the latest technologies to reduce even the smallest of inefficiencies—all of which can lead to substantial cost-savings.

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