Outstanding payback

Capital costs and refurbishing costs are main factors when investing in tunnel lighting control system. Depending on the tunnel configuration, the TLACS offers an average payback of less than 3 years for most projects..  This means that all the savings on energy and improved efficiency will significantly reduce your overall operational costs in just a few years.

Here is an example of a project that uses the TLACS-EM in Canada with:

  • 1445 480W daytime luminaires
  • 84 LED 100W nighttime luminaires
  • Local product controller per luminaire
  • Luminescence camera interface for each tunnel portal
  • Redundant NWC per tunnel bore and/or portal
  • Comparison between a 3-stage system vs 12-stage dynamic system from Nyx Hemera Technologies
  • Load from project – 702 kVA
  • Energy cost – 0.11¢ / KWh
Method Saving per Year
Energy - yearly (without control system) 2,784 MWh
Saving on 12 steps instead of 2 steps 668 MWh
Saving using dynamic lumens adjustment between maintenance 326 MWh
Saving due to lumen adjustment during reduced speed in traffic peak hours 41 MWh