Better lighting control is one of the main factors that increases road safety. With its intelligent lighting control systems, Nyx Hemera’s technology meets the requirements of road and tunnel operators who strive to improve user safety.

- The power line technology and a dynamic repeater system ensure system reliability and stability, offering optimal lighting at any time and increasing the overall driving comfort for drivers.

- In addition, the system’s reliability, thanks to repeaters and preventive maintenance features:, reduces the number of interventions required to:

  • Increases driver’s safety
  • Reduces the need for constricted lanes and lane shutdowns, therefore minimizing the risk of accidents
  • Increases the safety of personnel assigned to the maintenance of the lighting systems in tunnels and roads

- Finally, the TLACS’ ability to address all lights individually allows operators to control each light. This, in turn, ensures that lighting is managed in an efficient and safe manner when a malfunction occurs in one or several lights along the tunnel.

Statistics show that even if tunnels are as safe as open roads, major accidents unfortunately occur more often because the area is restrained. However, a Norwegian survey about accidental bodily injury that occurred in 22 Norwegian tunnels showed that the zone located just before the tunnel is four times as dangerous as the tunnel’s midway. Although these results cannot speak for tunnels in other countries, they clearly show the importance that must be given to tunnels’ entry zones.

One of the main reasons for accidents at the entrance of tunnels is that the human eye takes several seconds before adjusting to lighting inside the tunnel. By automatically adapting the luminescence in the tunnel entrance to the one outside, the TLACS will reduce the black-hole effect at the  entrance. Drivers therefore have better vision, which increases safety and ultimately decreases the number of accidents.

The TLACS adheres to the following standards:

  • ANSI/IES RP-22-11 Tunnel Lighting
  • CIE 088-2004 Guide for the Lighting of Road Tunnels and Underpasses