Innovative company

As the company is mainly composed of professionals, we promote accountability of all employees in the accomplishment of their work and the objectives set according to the areas of expertise. In addition, as an innovative company, we favor initiatives that are consistent with objectives, existing practices and the company's philosophy.

Development of their potential

We work collaboratively with employees to foster the development of their potential, with the goal of developing unique expertise within the organization.

Quality of life

Nyx Hemera Technologies' philosophy is to work by ensuring quality in its products as well as its services, but also by realizing everything in order to guarantee a quality of life and an ever better future for the team.

With a seasoned and dynamic team spearheading its growth, Nyx Hemera Technologies relentlessly looks for new solutions that will improve the company’s core technology and solutions as well as operators’ service and operations.

At Nyx Hemera Technologies, we have the best available system because we hire the best resources. It is as simple as that! If you think you are part of the elite in your field, we would like to hear from you. Send your resume at:

Gestionnaire de projet

Description : Membre sénior de l’équipe de gestion, en collaboration avec l’équipe exécutive, vous assurez la gestion efficace de projets d’envergures entre les groupes de service, de développement de ...
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Commis de production – Instrumentation et contrôle

Membre de l’équipe de développement de produits, vous assurez la préparation du matériel et soutiendrez l’assembleur principal dans la production des cabinets de contrôle du système d’éclairage ...
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Ingénieur(e) - Développeur Logiciels

Membre de l’équipe de développement de produits, vous assurez le développement de logiciels pour la nouvelle génération de solution durable qu’est le système adaptatif de contrôle de luminaires, ...
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