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Nyx Hemera Technologies recently announced it has launched a brand-new Preventive Maintenance Program for its customers.

Highway road tunnels and inter-city vehicle underpasses are vital components of an essential busy road network. This type of infrastructure requires diligent maintenance performed in demanding and very restrictive environments, especially with regards to the possibilities of interruptions from traffic. This restriction is a major benefit of preventive maintenance, which helps to reduce urgent or unplanned corrective interventions that contribute to users’ dissatisfaction and impact the tunnels safety.

The purpose of this Preventive Maintenance Program is to ensure the safety of users by keeping tunnels and their systems at their intended level of functionality and in accordance with design standards.

Nyx Hemera Technologies’ team understands that the importance of considering the requirements for the operation and maintenance of a road tunnel at the time of design is paramount and that the aging of this type of infrastructure often requires massive and growing maintenance efforts.

“The maintenance of lighting systems, which are vital for tunnels, is the particularly important,”said Pierre Longtin, President of Nyx Hemera. “The PMP (Preventive Maintenance Program) has been designed to optimize tunnels safety, protect infrastructure investments, control maintenance costs, extend lighting equipment lifetime and maintain the benefits of the TLACS as long as possible.”