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Québec City, April 19th, 2013. Nyx Hemera Technologies’ President and Chief Executive Officer, Pierre Longtin, is proud to announce that the multi agencies Lighting Virginia, will be representing Nyx Hemera to market its

Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS) in the State for Virginia.

The TLACS (Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System) is tailored to the needs and requirements of road lighting control around the world. Already installed in tunnels in Asia, Canada, and USA, this intelligent control system dynamically adapts the lumen level to meet, without exceeding, regulations and helps in the maintenance of the luminaire system

“Whit the number of existing tunnel and new tunnels projects in Virginia, Nyx Hemera was looking for a solid and renowned partner with proactive agents all through the state. We are sure their entire team will drive real value to tunnels operators and help them achieve energy and operational costs saving in their tunnels explained Mr Longtin.

About Nyx Hemera Technologies 

Founded in 2008, Nyx Hemera Technologies uses cutting-edge technologies in its Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS) to intelligently control luminaires in road tunnels. The TLACS integrates expert functions, such as the individual addressing of each luminaire, which helps to adjust brightness in tunnel entrances according to exterior lighting, and a preventive maintenance program, which generates complete diagnostics, such as the age of each luminaire. The main benefits of the TLACS for tunnel operators include: significant energy savings, decreased operational costs, increased security, and enhanced sustainable development. Nyx Hemera Technologies markets the TLACS worldwide for tunnel refurbishing projects as well as new developments. For more information, visit: www.nyx-hemera.com

About Lighting Virginia 

With three (3) offices located in Roanoke, Richmond and Virginia Beach, Lighting Virginia is a state wide agency that provides innovative lighting solutions. Lighting Virginia represents the finest manufacturers of quality lighting products. The combined experience of more than three centuries enables Lighting Virginia to work closely with specifiers and contractors - from the early concept stages of a project through the project's completion. For more information, visit: http://lightingvirginia.com/