Nyx Hemera Technologies announces intelligent control system for LED luminaires for tunnels

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Nyx Hemera Technologies announces intelligent control system for LED luminaires for tunnels.

Québec City, May 23, 2013. Nyx Hemera Technologies, the designer and developer of the TLACS (Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System), today announced the launch of the TLACS for LED lighting systems in road tunnels.

Looking to reducing lighting costs, extending relamping cycles, and minimizing the need for maintenance closures, more tunnel operators are installing LED lighting system in road tunnels. Nyx Hemera Technologies now offers a tunnel lighting control system to make sure they get the most out of their LED investment.

Simple to use, the TLACS is composed of an electronic main controller, local controllers installed in every luminaire, luminance and illuminance cameras, and an efficient user interface accessible locally or remotely.

“Thanks to the flexibility and stability of the TLACS, we can successfully adapt it to control tunnels’ LED lighting systems and improve them to resolve issues related to LED use in tunnels. Indeed, TLACS can dim the luminaires and perform luminaire permutation to average LED usage. Also, knowing that over time, LEDs are fading out, the TLACS measures the real lumen output in the tunnels and will adjust lighting accordingly. This is only a few of the features available to tunnel operators in order to maximize the usage of LED-type luminaire,” explained Mr. Pierre Longtin, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nyx Hemera Technologies.

Already operating in tunnels in Asia and North America, the TLACS has been installed in new and existing tunnels mainly to control HPS lighting systems.

“LED lighting systems are much more complex than older traditional lighting systems. Tunnel operators are in need for a high-end control system that will help them to fully enjoy the benefits of LED lighting—all while maintaining safe and efficient operations. The new TLACS for LED systems is currently in volume production for installation in different projects in the USA and EMEA,” said Mr. Longtin.