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ULTRA Teknoloji will now market Nyx Hemera Technologies’ dedicated lighting control solution for  road tunnels in Turkey. The TLACS is the most complete and technologically advanced solution on the market. The system integrates expert functions, such as the individual addressing of each luminaire, which helps to adjust brightness in tunnel entrances according to exterior and interior lighting, and a preventive maintenance program, which generates complete diagnostics, such as the age of each luminaire. The TLACS can be installed with any tunnel lighting luminaires (fluorescent, HPS, LED), and in any type and length of road tunnel.

“Tunnel activity is increasing fast in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, where the number of infrastructure tunnels is expanding.  We feel that ULTRA Teknoloji is the perfect partner.  Their unique experience in tunnel electromechanical will help our market development in Turkish market.” explained Mr. Longtin.

Emir Emrah Adal, Electric Eng. Coordinator at Ultra Teknoloji added "We're delighted to have been awarded representation of the TLACS for Turkey.  Adding an intelligent lighting control system to our ITS and automation solutions will strengthen our leadership  - all while increasing security and reducing energy and operational costs for the Turkish tunnel operators”.

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