Nyx Hemera Technologies’ solution explained on Discovery Channel

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Nyx Hemera Technologies develops and provides lighting control systems for roads tunnels. The company’s flagship solution is the Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS).

In this segment, Innovations viewers will be educated on the TLACS and will learn about NYX Hemera’s mission to provide flexible solutions for intelligent road tunnel lighting control that will help reduce costs, increase security, facilitate operations, and support sustainable development.

Pierre Longtin, President of Nyx Hemera Technologies said “If we want to prevent energy waist in tunnel operations, we need to break the paradigm of using standard limited lighting control system. Intelligent tunnel lighting is now available, it is installed in many tunnels and it reduces energy consumption drastically. The airing of the episode on the TLACS solution for road tunnels on Discovery Channel will help people to understand the issues of tunnel lighting and all the benefits of an intelligent solution.’ 

“NYX Hemera Technologies relentlessly looks for new solutions that will improve the company’s core technology and solutions for better efficiency in road tunnel service and operations,” said Robert Sikich, Producer for the Series. “We look forward to educating audiences on their capabilities.”

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