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the Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS) will be installed, along with Schréder’s luminaires, in the Queens-Midtown tunnel in New York City after the repairs, made necessary by 2012’s Hurricane Sandy are completed.

Connecting Queens to Manhattan, the 2 km long vehicular tunnel is undergoing major Superstorm Sandy restoration work under a fast tracked schedule.  The TLACS solution will facilitate the installation of the new tunnel lighting system thanks to the power line communication technology used to control the luminaires that does not require the installation of control wiring. The use of this technology will help to save hundred thousands of dollars in wires, conduits and connectors as the communication to control the luminaires will be on the existing electrical wires that supply electricity.

the TLACS’ Local Product Controller (LPC), installed in both Schréder’s OMNIstar and LEDNova luminaires, will turn ON/OFF and dim up and down the luminaires at the tunnel entrance to reduce the black whole effect. It will also control the lighting in the tunnel to achieve a safe and comfortable lumens output for drivers. The TLACS will also help the operator save even more energy, thanks not only to the LED luminaires but also the dynamic control of the luminaires as per the real needs, which are based on the variable luminosity at the tunnel portal.

Nyx Hemera Technologies will also provide a dedicated SCADA for the lighting system. This will help the Metropolitan Transportation Authority – Bridges and Tunnels (MTABT) in their day-to-day operations as they will be able to remotely and individually monitor the electrical parameters of all 2000+ luminaires and maintain a better control over the entire lighting system.

“We are delighted that the TLACS has been chosen as the lighting control solution for the Queens-Midtown tunnel,” said Pierre Longtin. “The TLACS will improve the lighting system’s lifecycle by monitoring and controlling the internal luminaire temperature. Overall, the MTABT will benefit from additional energy savings and also eliminate unnecessary equipment and operations, which in turn will reduce the tunnel’s overall carbon footprint.”

About the Metropolitan Transportation Authority

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority is a public benefit corporation in the state of New York.  Serving 12 counties, the Authority’s system carries over 11 million passengers and 800,000 vehicles per weekday. For more information:  www.mta.info.
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