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TLACS is an intelligent control system that dynamically adjusts lighting levels based on ambient brightness and outdoor weather conditions. The installed TLACS solution reduces energy consumption, significantly reduces maintenance and improves the visibility of drivers commuting in the tunnel.

The renovation of the tunnel, built in 1952, is part of ongoing effors to upgrade the state road network to improve security and effiiciency. The department of transportation in Arizona launched this new project to replace the existing lighting system. The $3 million project involves removing of the existing interior lighting, installation of an LED lighting system along with an intelligent control system, replacement of the exterior lighting at both ends of the tunnel, the adaptation of the current electrical control building and the cleaning of the walls and ceiling of the tunnel.
The Queen-Creek Tunnel is the first tunnel in Arizona to install this advanced, economic and innovative technology for lighting control. This 400 meter tunnel is located on road US 60 at milepost 226, east of the town of Superior.

Pierre Longtin, President of Nyx Hemera Technologies said; "I am very proud of the implementation of the TLACS solution in the first LED tunnel in Arizona. The Arizona Transportation of Department has made a good decision to acquire this system, which will have a positive impact on both the environment and the operating costs of the tunnel in the short, medium and long term. ".

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Nyx Hemera Technologies uses cutting-edge technologies in its Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS) to intelligently control luminaires in road tunnels. Nyx Hemera Technologies markets the TLACS worldwide for tunnel refurbishing projects as well as new tunnels. The solution is already installed in tunnels in Singapore, Europe, Middel East, South America, USA and Canada with LED and HPS lighting systems. For more information, visit: www.nyx-hemera.com

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