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UL 916 certified equipment, like LPC 480, “is intended to control electrical loads by responding to sensors or transducers monitoring power consumption, by sequencing, by cycling the loads through the use of preprogrammed data logic circuits, or any combination thereof. Devices responding to signals from a utility company may receive the signals over the power lines or as radio signals” https://standardscatalog.ul.com/standards/en/standard_916.

Part of Nyx Hemera Technologies’ flagship solution for road tunnel lighting control, the Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS), the LPC 480 is a small controller that controls and monitors the tunnel luminaires through powerline from the TLACS’ Lighting Control Cabinet (LCC). The LPC 480 has been designed to be installed in any tunnel luminaire electrical installation from 120 to 480 VAC. It uses powerlines (existing wiring) for the communication between the luminaires and the main Lighting Control Cabinet (LCC).  

With more than 25 years of experience in powerline communication, Nyx Hemera’s team uses advanced methods that combine time and frequency domain modulation techniques as well as multiple concurrent receivers to overcome all types of noise and signal attenuation on powerlines. Using up to eight frequency channels at an adaptive communication speed from 360bps to 23000bps, this technique already achieves an ultra-robust communication in over 50 tunnels all around the world.

Pierre Longtin, President of Nyx Hemera Technologies, said: “We are proud to be the only tunnel lighting control system on the market with the UL 916 - Energy Management Equipment certification. Knowing that tunnel lighting is one of the most energy-consuming system in tunnels, this certification will help the TLACS position itself as the best tunnel lighting control solution for operators concerned about reducing the high energy costs of their tunnels.”

Nyx Hemera Technologies will be demonstrating the LPC 480 in the TLACS at Lightfair 2018, which will be held in Chicago from May 8 to 10 at the McCormick Place.