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The official launch of the TLACS-U will be carried out in Nyx Hemera Technologies’ booth during the IES Street and Area Lighting Conference to be held in Orlando from October 1 to 2 and in Lyon, France during the PIARC International Conference on Road Tunnel from October 3 to 5.

This new version of Nyx Hemera Technologies’ adaptive lighting control system for tunnel, the TLACS-U, has been developed to answer the need of underpass and small tunnels operators who want to get the most of their LED luminaires with a seamless solution. Allowing real-time dimming control and monitoring. The TLACS-U is one of smart city technology that allows city officials to interact directly with their infrastructure and to monitor what is happening in their underpasses for citizen’s safety and comfort as well as enhanced energy savings and an optimized maintenance.

The TLACS-U version includes a UDE (Underpass Dimming Enclosure), a pre-configured plug and play intelligent controller packaged in a rugged cabinet for short tunnel applications and underpasses.  This new component replaces the cabinet LCC used in longer tunnels. TLACS-U can be installed and self-commissioned by any electrical contractor. It is compatible with LCAM and ILCAM sensors and the latest power line local controller the LPC 480.

This new TLACS version comes either in a power line version for communication over the underpass power distribution or lighting network or in a wired version,.

Pierre Longtin, President of Nyx Hemera Technologies said: ”Operators wanted to be able to control the LED luminaires in their underpasses and short tunnels.  This new solution developed by Nyx Hemera’s team is pre-configured as well as easy to operate and to commission by the operators. We are proud to be ahead of the market again and provide a solution adapted to the operator’s needs in the era of smart city.”