NYX HEMERA TECHNOLOGIES COMPLETES THE INSTALLATION OF THE TLACS IN FIVE SNOWSHEDS IN THE CANADIAN ROCKY MOUNTAINSQuebec City, Canada— November 21st, 2018. Pierre Longtin, President of Nyx Hemera Technologies, is proud to announce that the company’s flags

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For the past five years, Parks Canada has undertaken various safety upgrades in Rogers Pass, including the installation of LED luminaires and an intelligent lighting control system for the five snowsheds of Glacier National Park: Single Bench, Lens, Tupper #1, Tupper #2, and Tupper Timber.  

A snowshed is similar to a tunnel—it is a concrete cover built over the road to protect traffic from avalanches. It deflects the snow, allowing it to pass or come to rest over top while traffic continues to flow underneath. In this case, the snowsheds are located on the Trans-Canada Highway in Rogers Pass, between the cities of Golden and Revelstoke in British Columbia, Canada.

The TLACS turns ON/OFF and dims up and down the luminaires inside the snowsheds to reduce the black hole effect and bring a safe and comfortable lumen output for drivers. The TLACS also helps the operator substantially save on energy costs thanks to not only the LED luminaires but also the dynamic control of the luminaires as per real needs, which are based on the variable luminosity at the tunnel portal. The TLACS also controls the street luminaires before and after the tunnel. Nyx Hemera Technologies also provided a dedicated SCADA for the remote control and monitoring of the lighting system of the five snowsheds from the administration buildings located a few kilometers away from the avalanche area.                               

“We are delighted that the TLACS has been chosen as the lighting control solution for these snowsheds,” said Mr. Longtin. “The TLACS not only helps Parks Canada save energy but also improves the safety on this strategic road that is the only link between the cities of Golden and Revelstoke".

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