New 7-Pin LPC Twist Video is now available

It is with great pleasure that we share Nyx's new LPC Twist presentation video with you today.

In this video we are presenting the LPC-Twist designed for lighting control of where other wireless communication technologies cannot be installed either for security or wave blocking material such as detention center, seaports, power plants, etc..

You can install the LPC Twist in any luminaire with ANSI C136.41 interface socket. It has the same features as the LPC-480 but in a new form factor.

We hope you will enjoy it! Just click on the Media tab to see it. 

Don’t hesitate to share this video with anyone who could have an upcoming area lighting control projects, especially where powerline communication technology could be a good fit.

We also invite you to contact us at anytime if you have any question or need additional information, we are available for a demo web conference.