TLACS-RDE (Group Dimming)

In this version specifically designed for dimming, TLACS-RDE adjusts the lumens according to the luminaire’s location in the tunnel.   The adjustment is made per a signal received from the photometer.  TLACS-RDE can also switch ON/OFF the luminaires usually installed in the threshold of the tunnel.


The NWC communicate to a multitude of RDEs using a dedicated twisted pair bus. The NWC logs the data history in a database and tunnel configuration.

The RDE’s function is to dim and monitor the usage of a group of luminaires.  On a typical configuration, one (1) RDE can control up to 120 luminaires.

The TLACS-RDE features:

  • Up to 1022 RDE per NWC
  • Dynamic repeater functionality in each and every RDE
  • Optional redundancy
  • Communication over dedicated twisted pair
  • Failsafe switching (On/Off)
  • Group of luminiare’s usage monitoring
  • Adapt the lumens per Light Loss Factors (LLF)
  • Force group ON function
  • Detects of communication failure
  • Multiple versions available
    • Power input
      1. 120-240 VAC / 200-350 VAC
    • Control type
      1. 0-10 VDC up to four(4) channels/64 luminaires  
      2. DALI up to 4 channels/256 luminaires
  • IP66 rated