TLACS-EM (Energy Management)

The TLACS-EM is the most complete and technologically advanced solution on the market.  It addresses lamps individually, by tuning them on and off, as well as controls and supervises lamp status and consumption.


In this version, LPCs are installed in every luminaire or in the junction box next to them. Their function is to turn luminaires on and off or dim as well as permanently monitor electrical parameters to diagnose the various troubles that could unfold from external components, such as ballasts, capacitors, lamps, etc. LPCs also receive commands from the NWCs and, in turn, send back status data.

The NWCs gather data from every LPC individually. They also control the LPCs’ relay status according to their locations and from signals from the photometers (luminance meter at the tunnel portal and illuminance meter to monitor the lumens degradation due to dirt accumulation on the luminaires inside the tunnel). The NWC includes the data history in a database and tunnel configuration.  
Communication between the NWC and the LPCs is either using power line or dedicated wires.

TLACS-EM features:

  • LPC controls and monitors up to 2 lamps
  • Detailed analysis of the electrical parameters:  
    • Voltage
    • Power factor
    • Current
  • Lamp status
  • Luminaire/lamp alternation to average lamp usage support
  • Lamps burn hours monitoring
  • Firmware upgrade through the communication network
  • “Force Lamp on” function
  • Up to 255 lighting stages
  • NWC controls and monitors up to 1022 LPC
  • Communication failure detection
  • Various activation delays to protect the lamps:
    • Configurable stabilization delay after lamp transition (Cool Down / Burn-in) to preserve the lamps useful life
    • Hysteresis at the light stage transition