Tupper 1, Tupper 2 and Single Bench snowsheds are part of a series of five snowsheds

located on the Trans-Canada Highway through Rogers Pass in the Rocky Mountains of British Columbia.  Rogers Pass is known for its winter snowfall with average accumulation of over 10 m per year. Part of the road is covered to protect it from unexpected avalanches and to keep the highway open during the winter. Due to the length of the snowshed, a lighting control system is needed to reduce the black hole effect while entering into it, just like any tunnel.  Every luminaire is controlled individually to maximize the number of lighting stages to get the most precise and efficient lighting possible. All five snowsheds will be linked to a dedicated SCADA system to control and monitor all five lighting systems thanks to TLACS Network Controller’s embedded web server.

  • Approx. 300 m long each
  • 315 LED luminaires in each snowshed
  • Unique access road