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With an experienced and dynamic team spearheading its growth, Nyx Hemera Technologies works tirelessly to improve the company’s core technology, solutions, services and operations. The Nyx team offers integrated solutions that include:

  • Feasibility and profitability analyses
  • System configuration
  • Factory test certificate
  • Commissioning
  • On-site acceptance tests
  • Training
  • Technical support

This makes Nyx Hemera Technologies a one-stop shop that supports customers from A to Z in terms of lighting control. Proper maintenance reduces the risk of liability by maintaining an efficient system for increased safety.

TLACS – Preventive Maintenance Program

Maintaining tunnel safety depends largely on the integrity and condition of the installed equipment. Any malfunction or underperformance can lead to safety risks and unforeseen operational costs.

At Nyx Hemera Technologies, we understand that optimizing a lighting system goes beyond the initial design and installation.

Tunnel lighting systems must be maintained and updated to continue to meet the needs of operators and drivers.

Nyx Hemera Technologies now offers a comprehensive maintenance program to help tunnel operators get the most out of their investment.

Take advantage of the potential of your lighting system

Protect your investment with the oversight and control that TLACS provides.

Extend the useful life of your lighting equipment by minimizing the number of breakdowns and failures.

Anticipate problems before they happen with preventive maintenance instead of costly corrective actions that impact your tunnel operation.

Have a better control of your maintenance costs thanks to the operation of a reliable and efficient system.

Take advantage of better inventory management by getting spare parts when you really need them.

Improve the safety of your tunnel with optimized lighting at all times.