The Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS), is the most complete and technologically advanced solution on the market. It can easily adapt to any existing or new lighting system. The TLACS:

  • Automatically adapts the brightness at a  tunnel’s entrance, according exterior luminance;
  • Monitors lights use-life, which enables operators to receive a preventive maintenance reportprogram;
  • Enables quick and easy installation and configuration of LPCs (local product controller) in the tunnel;
  • Control of each light individually;
  • Is optimally modular: it can adapt to any light system and any type of tunnel.

The Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System (TLACS) allows automatic control and monitoring of multiple luminaires. It is specifically designed for road light controls.

The TLACS system helps operators to monitor and control from a control station, where the lamps can be turned on or off, on-demand manually, automatically upon receiving a signal (from the camera interface), or according to a predetermined schedule.

System components and their functions

The TLACS system is mainly comprised of:
•    LPC (Local Product Controllers)

•    NWC (Network Controllers)

•    LCAM (Luminance Camera) 

•    ILCAM (Illuminance Camera) 


LPCs are installed in the luminaires. Their function is to turn luminaires on and off as well as permanently monitor electrical parameters to diagnose the various troubles that could unfold from external components, such as ballasts, capacitors, lamps, etc. LPCs also receive commands from the NWCs and, in turn, send back status data.

The NWCs gather data from a multitude of LPCs from a same group. They also control the LPCs relay status according to their location, signal from a photometer (or luminance camera LCAM).