Tunnel Lighting Control System

The TLACS (Tunnel Lighting Addressable Control System) is tailored to the needs and requirements of road lighting control around the world. Already installed in tunnels in Asia, Canada, and USA, this intelligent control system dynamically adapts the lumen level to meet, without exceeding, regulations and helps in the maintenance of the luminaire system.

The TLACS system is mainly comprised of:

  • Luminance and illuminescence camera (LCAM)
  • Local Product Controllers (LPC)
  • Network Controllers (NWC)

The luminance camera helps to reduce the black hole effect at the tunnel entrance. It sends a signal to the NWC, which adjusts the lumen level at the entrance and inside the tunnel.

The illuminescence camera reads the real lumen level inside the tunnel, which can vary due to dirt accumulation on the luminaire. The camera sends the signal to the NWC, which dynamically adjusts the lumen level inside the tunnel as per transport regulations.

LPCs are either installed in the luminaires or the cabinet depending on the TLACS version. Their function is to turn luminaires on using power line communication or dedicated wires.  

NWCs gather data from a multitude of LPCs from the same group. They also control the LPCs’ relay status according to their locations or from the signal from a photometer (or luminance camera).

A user interface located either in the cabinet or at the command center is connected to the NWC to configure, control, and monitor tunnel operations.

The web-based interface enables operators to control and monitor tunnel lighting thanks to:

  • Customized windows to reflect specific client needs
  • LPC diagnostics
  • Detailed description of  luminaire assets with customized views (depending on the version selected)
  • Real-time information with views (green/yellow/red) to easily visualize alarms
  • Camera view
  • Maintenance route sorted by sections (in the TLACS-EM version)

The TLACS comes in three (3) different versions :