The TLACS-U is a turnkey solution for controlling and dimming luminaires in underpasses and short tunnels.

Easy to operate, comprehensive control and monitoring can be carried out from a remote control station or locally using a mobile device via a wireless interface.

Its Installation can be carried out by any electrical contractor. It is a plug-and-play solution in which no software configuration is required.

Graphique TLACS-U
Logo LCAM Nyx-Hemera

Captures the luminance at the tunnel portal to adjust the various zones according to Standards. Alignment monitoring of the photometer for more precise lumens reading.

Logo ILCAM2 Nyx-Hemera

Measures the level of illuminance within the tunnel bore to ensure the illumination levels are maintained between cleaning. This new power line unit is now available for an easy and reduced wiring installation.

UDE Nyx-Hemera

The Underpass Dimming Enclosure (UDE) is an efficient controller that interfaces each luminaire individually using powerline communication OR a group of luminaires via 0-10V.  Control, monitoring and firmware upgrade is done through an Ethernet port for remote control and an interface for local Wireless devices plug-in.

logo LPC Nyx-Hemera

Installed in the luminaires, or in any luminaire with ANSI C136.41 interface socket, the LPC controls and monitors the driver. In addition to controlling on-off and dimming the luminaires according to the required light level, the LPC computes the hours of use for each luminaire, and reports their electrical parameters to the UDE for diagnostic and preventive maintenance. 



  • LCAM alignment remote monitoring
  • LCAM adjustable angle to meet the L20 requirement
  • In tunnel luminance validation
  • Integrated filter to overcome noise
  • Integrated repeaters to long distance communication
  • Firmware upgrade through the communication network
  • Reporting of luminaire temperature, hours of use and electrical parameters
  • Fail safe mode
  • Advanced methods that combine time and frequency domain modulation techniques as well as multiple concurrent receivers to overcome all types of noise and signal attenuation on powerlines;
  • Alternation of the luminaire in use in order to obtain similar wear



  • Self-commissioned
  • Up to 200 luminaires
  • Simplified scalable system
  • Remote access

Click here to download TLACS-U BRO-008

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