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Our vision

Nyx Hemera Technologies’ philosophy is to work to ensure the quality of its products and services while guaranteeing a quality of life and a better future for the team. We work closely with our employees to develop their potential, with the goal of building a unique expertise within the organization.

Innovative company

With a seasoned and dynamic team spearheading its growth, Nyx Hemera Technologies relentlessly looks for new solutions that will improve the company’s core technology and solutions as well as operators’ service and operations.


At Nyx Hemera Technologies, we have the best system because we use the best resources…. it’s as simple as that! If you consider yourself to be among the elite in your field, we are interested in considering your application. We invite you to submit your Curriculum Vitae to


Ingénieur·e électrique CPI – R&D Électronique

Description :En tant que membre de l’équipe de développement de produits, vous jouerez un rôle essentiel dans la conception et le développement
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Titre du poste : Technicien électronique Description :Sous la responsabilité du Vice-Président en Ingénierie vous travaillez en étroite collaboration avec les responsables
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Description : Sous la responsabilité de la Directrice Ventes et Marketing vous participer au processus de mise en marché de la solution
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