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TLACS-A Solution


The TLACS-A is a turnkey solution for the control and dimming of outdoor luminaires that require supervision, energy management and/or increased security.

With individual lighting monitoring and control, the TLACS-A is the perfect solution for detention centers, power plants, parking lots, secure areas or any other sensitive area where lighting must be well managed. Easy to use, it allows local or remote access for lighting control and supervision.

Depending on the type of application and luminaires, the TLACS-A can use the LPC Twist for outdoor luminaires with receptacles supporting ANSI C 136.41, the LPC Lite for luminaires using the new generation drivers or the standard LPC 480.

The system can be installed by any electrical contractor. TLACS-A is a plug-and-play solution with no software configuration required.


The ADE (Area Dimming Enclosure) includes all the decision support equipment for managing the lighting system. It gathers information from each of the LPCs installed in the luminaire. The configuration of the control system, the management and the access to the information are done through its dedicated web interface. A database that can contain the operation history is available as an option.

The required light level can be determined from a predefined schedule or from the data collected by almost any sensor (light meter, motion sensor, etc.).

The TLACS-A can be used with any sensor that can have an impact on the required illumination level, such as a motion detector, a photocell, a luminance or illuminance photometer, etc.


Installed in the luminaire or in any luminaire with an ANSI C136.41 connection interface, the LPC controls and supervises the luminaire drivers in addition to controlling (ON-OFF) and dimming the luminaires according to the required lighting level. The LPC calculates the hours of use and reports the status of the luminaires to the ADE for diagnostic purposes.

Different versions of the LPC can be integrated into the TLACS-A (LPC Twist, LPC Lite or standard LPC 480) for different applications, infrastructures and luminaires.



  • Compatible with most sensors (photo detector, motion detector, others)
  • Integrated filter to overcome noise
  • Integrated repeaters for long distance communications
  • Firmware update through the power line communication network
  • Emergency fail safe mode
  • Advanced methods that combine time and frequency domain modulation techniques and multiple simultaneous receivers to overcome all types of noise and signal attenuation on the powerline grid.
  • Luminaire alternation to achieve similar wear
  • Plug-and-play solution


  • Easy to start up by electrician
  • Simplified evolutionary system
  • Remote access
  • Compatible with Smart City ready protocols
  • Energy savings and increased security

Click here to download TLACS-A BRO-010