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Get an accurate measurement of your tunnel's lighting power, to ensure compliance with standards, anticipate lighting degradation and improve user safety and comfort.

Measuring photometry in a tunnel is essential to ensure safety, comply with standards and anticipate any deterioration in lighting and traffic conditions that could affect the safety and comfort of tunnel users.

Using state-of-the-art calibrated equipment, the Nyx Hemera Technologies team developed effective techniques to carry out the study accurately and efficiently.

We begin by establishing a sampling grid that takes into account the following elements

– The direction of traffic

– Number of lanes per direction

– The number of lighting zones in the tunnel

– GPS coordinates of the tunnel.

We then mark the measurement points on the pavement and walls to take luminance and illuminance measurements in accordance with the IES standard for road lighting*.

To complete the job, we produce a detailed report including data, analysis, photos and recommendations, if required.

*LM-71-14 or RP-8-22, Appendix A Chapter 14