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Codina Tunnel in northern Spain.

The Codina tunnel is located in the north of Spain in the Pyrenees. To reduce energy consumption, the interior sodium luminaires were replaced with LED luminaires. The TLACS solution was selected to optimize lighting levels and further reduce energy consumption. The TLACS solution combines individual control of High Pressure Sodium (HPS) luminaires with group control of LED luminaires. Two TLACS lighting control systems are used since the tunnel is equipped with two electrical systems to power the tunnel lighting. For safety reasons, the two systems exchange information to allow the required lighting level to be selected according to the external conditions and the orientation of the tunnel. This information sharing helps to minimize the use of each luminaires. Remote control and monitoring is possible for each system through a web server integrated into the TLACS network controller.

  • Retrofit
  • Length of 1450 m
  • 251 HPS luminaires
  • 205 LED fixtures
  • TLACS D and EM