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TLACS commissioning in Sailor Bar and Saddle Rock Tunnels, British Columbia

Our dedicated technical team is currently in the process of commissioning two tunnels: Sailor Bar and Saddle Rock. These tunnels are integral parts of the Trans-Canada Highway, winding through the Fraser Canyon. Sailor Bar Tunnel stretches 292 meters (958 feet) in length, while Saddle Rock Tunnel covers 146 meters (479 feet). They are among seven short tunnels found between the towns of Boston Bar and Yale.

As part of a lighting system replacement project, Nyx Hemera Technologies’ cutting-edge lighting control system, known as TLACS-U, now oversees the illumination in Sailor Bar Tunnel, where 118 luminaires have been integrated, as well as in Saddle Rock Tunnel, featuring 83 luminaires.

These tunnels, each accommodating two lines of traffic, have been equipped with LCAM photometers. These sophisticated sensors continuously assess the ambient luminance outside the tunnels and make real-time adjustments to the tunnel lighting for enhanced safety. To ensure a seamless transition into the tunnels, TLACS-U also manages four approach street luminaires strategically positioned just before the entrances of the four tunnel portals.

This upgrade not only enhances the safety and efficiency of these vital passages but also underscores our commitment to innovative solutions in transportation infrastructure.