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Nyx Hemera Technologies unveils EOS: A new era of TLACS user interfaces

As part of the continuous effort to improve lighting control solutions for tunnels, road underpasses and outdoor sites, Nyx Hemera Technologies responds to the needs of its customers with the launch of its latest innovation: EOS. This revolutionary user interface pushes the boundaries of versatility and simplicity, offering users unprecedented monitoring and control over their lighting system.

Designed with versatility in mind, EOS stands out as an interface that is both generic and adaptable. Evoking the familiar SCADA concept while adding a touch of simplicity, EOS adapts to a wide variety of environments and applications, offering a tailor-made solution for every user.


Dashboard view: a complete overview at a glance

At a glance, EOS provides a complete overview of the overall status of the system and its components. With an intuitive and easy-to-use interface, users can monitor the performance of their lighting network in real time, quickly identifying any areas requiring special attention.

Luminaires view: simplified control and management

The Luminaires view feature enables users to quickly access a complete list of luminaires, with a clear view of their status, electrical parameters (power factor, voltage, energy consumption, etc.) and their unique identifier (VID).  This detailed status of each luminaire and its electrical parameters enables a preliminary diagnosis to be made quickly, even before the maintenance team has to visit the tunnel.

In addition, EOS offers a wide range of advanced options, including feature management, simple and accessible replacement of the local controller (LPC) and updating of the VID (MAC address of the luminaire used during commissioning), the number of hours the luminaire has been in use, and other specific information that enables its status to be monitored and its history preserved. 

EOS also offers the option of bypassing automatic mode, remotely, to switch to manual mode if necessary, depending on the specific characteristics of the tunnel (circuit breakers, phase, tunnel cross-section, etc.).

Photometers view: total lighting control

The Photometers view provides instant visibility of the characteristics of each photometer (LCAM and/or ILCAM), while offering advanced options for managing the logging of data and dimming groups. Users can easily access the dimming table for each photometer, modifying dimming thresholds and light intensity to suit their specific needs.


In brief, EOS is much more than just a user interface; it’s a gateway to a new era of lighting control and management. With its unrivalled versatility and user-friendly interface, EOS gives users the ability to control their lighting environment with unprecedented ease. Whether you’re a lighting professional or an energy manager, EOS is the essential tool for monitoring, controlling and managing your infrastructure’s lighting system.